What a Reetex System Improvement Program could mean to you!

Reduce cost of water production
Reduce maintenance and operation man-hours
Reduce waste water emissions and costs for neutralization

Why do I need REETEX to evaluate my system?

Because, We know all the questions and most of the answers. 

Reetex engineers and technicians have an  extensive base of experience and skills in troubleshooting and repairing  different types of water treatment systems, including ion exchange, reverse osmosis, filtration systems.

Reetex specializes in three fields of water treatment (Ion Exchange, Reverse Osmosis, and Filtration).

Over the past twenty years, Reetex personnel have built and serviced over 750 different systems, each one ranging in size, location, source water quality and product quality requirement.  We have treated water sources from frozen rivers in remote oil fields in Russia to Mango swamps in Indonesia, and practically everything in between.

Your engineers and operators probably have a firm understanding of your system and the way it was designed to operate.  However, do you know if you're getting the most out of the system in terms of cost of production, and waste water costs?  

Many systems built over the past twenty years were not built with consideration of the water and wastewater costs we face today.

What is a System Improvement Program?

SIP is a program wherein Reetex is contracted to perform an initial evaluation of your system, report the findings, help you decide which changes are cost effective, help you implement the changes, and follow-up to make sure the changes are effective.

Reetex will provide a qualified water treatment specialist to inspect your system and process records from beginning to end, and evaluate the processes being used, equipment condition, efficiency, chemical usage, waste water emissions and costs.
Comprehensive report:
After evaluation of your system, our technician or engineer will submit a complete report of our recommendations for changes in equipment, procedures, process.
Determine changes required and assist in implementation:
Working with you and your personnel, Reetex will help you in determining changes in process, equipment, or procedure will be cost effective.  Reetex will help in making the changes (design, drawings, manufacture, programming, etc.)
After the initial report, Reetex will make follow-up inspections on a predetermined schedule (usually three to four times per year).  Each follow-up inspection will be concluded with a report of your system efficiency and recommendations.

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