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About selection and application of your SeaLion ("B" Series) SeaSpring TM Desalination System

SeaSpring TM desalination systems utilize membranes manufactured by Hydranautics, Inc., Manufacturer's performance predictions are based on test criteria of; 800 PSIG feed pressure, a sodium chloride solution of 32,000 PPM, 77o F (25oC) water temperature, and pH range of 6.5 to 7.0.

Performance projections for the SeaLion Series SeaSpring TM desalination systems are based on 36,000 PPM seawater TDS at 77oF (25oC).































































Actual seawater composition and temperature varies considerably from ocean to ocean and from open sea to bay waters. Seawater and bay waters also undergo seasonal changes. Concentration of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in seawater may vary from 30,000 to 45,000 PPM, and in rare situations can be as high as 60,000 PPM. All SeaSpring desalination systems will operate under all seawater conditions (including 60,000 PPM TDS), and will produce water suitable for consumption. However, performance ratings are based on operation under certain specified conditions. ASTM specification #D1141 "Seawater Substitute" includes a universal "typical" analysis for seawater. SeaSpring desalination system performance ratings are based on operation on water with this analysis, a TDS of 36,000 PPM, and temperature of 77oF (25oC). Actual performance of the SeaSpring desalination system (quality and quantity of potable water produced) will vary from one site to another depending upon the factors described above. To insure that the SeaSpring desalination system you purchase performs as you require, we have developed charts for all models indicating variations in performance that are anticipated.

You can obtain information about seawater in your ocean and general area from the NOAA web site  (NOAA seawater data site (Ocean temp, salinity, etc. for all our oceans)).



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Chart illustrating effect of seawater temperature on permeate quality and feed pressure.

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Chart illustrating effect of seawater salinity on permeate quality and feed pressure.

    SeaLion Series Standard Features

The SeaLion Series (Series "B") SeaSpring TM desalination systems are a group of mid range packaged systems ranging in capacity from 2800 GPD to 11,200 GPD. 

SeaLion units include basic components with features that stand out in the field of package desalination systems common to all SeaSpring TM desalination systems.

Accept nothing less when you buy your water maker.


    Cartridge Sediment Filters 

Two cartridge sediment filters in series are installed upstream of the membranes on every SeaSpringTM desalination systems. Both filters are designed to use 1.0 to 25 micron elements. The primary filter will use either 10 or 20 micron elements, and the secondary filter will use 5.0, 2.0, or 1.0 micron elements.

The sediment filter housings are designed to accept several different types of elements, and elements are easily changed without special tools.


    High Pressure Pump

High pressure pumps for SeaLion Series desalination systems desalination systems are belt driven High Pressure Centrigugal pumps. Standard material of construction is Duplex stainless steel, selected for extended life and performance pumping seawater.
Motor driver for the high pressure pump is TEFC, 230/460 V AC, 3 ph, 60 Hz or 380 V AC, 3 ph, 50 Hz (specify voltage and frequency).


Pumps used on the SeaSpring desalination systems are sized to provide flow rate and pressure required to perform as projected. Additionally, oversized motors are provided to accommodate normal increase in pressure across the membranes. (As membranes age, the amount of water produced through the membrane will decrease at a given pressure at the membrane surface. This is a normal occurrence. However, if the pump is capable of providing more pressure, the design product flow can still be obtained in most cases even on membranes two or three years old.)    Feed pump drivers are selected with available horsepower to accommodate up to 30% increase in pressure (allowance for up to 10% per year decline in membrane performance).


    Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Membranes used in all SeaSpring TM desalination systems are spiral wound, polyamide, thin film composite type manufactured by Hydranautics, Inc..
SeaLion Series, Model-B1 units have high capacity membranes that will remove 99.2% of dissolved solids. This membrane is an economical membrane to operate and produces a high volume of product. The "A1" units will provide drinking water qt rated flow and quality (less than 500 PPM total dissolved solids (TDS)) from seawater sources (up to 45,000 PPM salinity and seawater temperatures from 50oF (10oC) to 90oF (32oC). (Based on ASTM D1141 standard seawater analysis.)
SeaLion Series, Model-B2  use a High Rejection membrane. This membrane will reject 99.5% of dissolved salts from the Seawater (providing better quality, but less volume of product water).
The SeaLion Series, Model-B2  will provide rated flow and quality when operating on seawater with greater than 45,000 PPM salinity at seawater temperatures from 40oF (5oC) to 90oF (32oC), maintaining quality with a small decline in production when seawater salinity approaches 60,000 PPM.


    Membrane Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels used in model numbers beginning "B1"  are highest quality fiberglass, designed for operation up to 1,000 PSIG (69 BAR).
Pressure vessels used on "B2" Models are of all stainless steel construction, designed for operation up to 1,200 PSIG (83 BAR).
Stainless steel pressure vessels are also available for models "B1", upon request



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Monitoring System

The SeaLion Series SeaSpring TM desalination system comes standard with all NEMA 4X corrosion resistant, weatherproof controls in a console custom fitted into the unit frame. Basic operator instructions are permanently printed on the control console. Wiring is labeled and color-coded for easy troubleshooting.


On-Off-Automatic selector switch. Allows operator to start, stop the unit, or operate from remote signal.
Digital salinity monitor with dual cells allows continuous monitoring of Inlet salinity and permeate salinity, as well as seawater temperature. The monitor is also equipped with remote signaling outputs for recorder or remote monitor, and alarm contacts.
Liquid filled stainless steel pressure gauges on all critical pressure lines.
Flow indicators on inlet and permeate lines. Indicators are mounted on control console.
Low pressure shutdown switch on inlet to high pressure feed pump.
High pressure shutdown switch. Protects membranes and housings from over pressuring.
Automatic high-pressure dump valve, activated automatically by high-pressure switch, can also be activated by operator for cleaning or flushing membranes.
Automatic permeate dump valve, activated automatically by high permeate salinity (Dumps high salinity permeate overboard). Dump valve can also be activated or overridden by operator from the control console.



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Structural Frame

Standard frames for your SeaLion Series SeaSpring TM desalination system are epoxy coated copper free aluminum.
All fasteners and connectors are stainless steel.
Frame design is unique, allowing easy access to membrane modules, high pressure pumps, and controls.
 Media filter, Neutralizing filter, booster pumps are normally shipped separately, but can be packaged in a separate module pre-fitted to the SeaLion frame upon request.



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Piping and Connections

Food grade tubing and fittings are used for all materials contact with permeate.
All high pressure connections are made with stainless steel or high grade hoses that stand up to vibration and corrosion.


System Maintenance Simplified

Your SeaLion Series SeaSpringTM desalination system is equipped with an automatic flushing system to supply fresh water to membranes every time the unit is shut down.
Connections and valves are included to make pickling or cleaning a simple task.
Changing membranes is made simple by break-a-way housing mounts and a fixture on the frame that supports the membrane housing while servicing membranes.
Individual sample valves for each membrane in your system simplify troubleshooting fouling and scaling problems.


Easy to Upgrade

The SeaLion Series SeaSpring TM desalination systems use the same frame, cartridge filters, piping, and instrumentation package, and the entire range is served by only two pump sizes. This commonality means that when your desalination requirements increase, you can easily upgrade the SeaLion system to higher capacity by simply changing membrane type, adding membranes, or changing feed pump drive motor.


Optional Equipment for your SeaSpringTM desalination system

Applications for seawater desalination are not all the same, and your requirements are different from our other customers. Your SeaLion Series SeaSpringTM desalination system can be purchased with a wide variety of options to make the best fit for your application and simplify installation.


Diesel or Gasoline Powered Units:

No external source of electrical power required. (These commercial units are based on our Light Weight Water Purifier design to meet US Government requirements for tactical drinking water supply.)  They can be transported easily in a half ton pick-up, and can be unloaded and placed in operation by one person in less than one day.


Booster Pump

Booster pumps are an optional item. The system will not require a booster pump if sufficient pressure and flow is available from your seawater supply source.
Minimum pressure requirement for SeaLion Series is 15 PSIG without media filters, 30 PSIG with media filters.
Supply flow rate required depends upon the size of the system (Systems with sand or multi-media filters will require additional water for backwashing. PolyFilters do not require additional water.)
Booster pumps are available with your SeaSpring TM desalination system in all plastic, or stainless steel construction. When requesting a booster pump, specify motor voltage, frequency. Standard motor enclosure is totally enclosed, fan cooled (TEFC) close coupled to the booster pump.


Media Filters

Media filters are required on seawater applications when turbidity of seawater is expected to be high (greater than 20 NTU), or when the SeaSpringTM is to be installed on a mobile vessel operating in more than one location.
Three types of media filters are available for use on the SeaLion Series (Sand filter, Multimedia filter, or Up-Flow PolyFilter). All have Fiberglass filter vessel designed for 100 PSIG operating pressure, with automatic valves for operation and backwash. Sand and multi-media filters will remove suspended particles larger than 25 micron in most applications. The PolyFilter will remove particles larger than 10 micron.


Neutralizing Filters (Mineralizers)

Product water from your SeaSpring TM desalination system will normally have a lower pH than the seawater source. This is a characteristic of the reverse osmosis seawater desalination process. The actual pH depends upon the salinity and pH of the source seawater. Neutralizing filters available with the SeaLion Series contain a media with calcium and magnesium carbonate (natural minerals found in all drinking water supplies). When the product water passes through a neutralizing filter the pH is increased to level that is less corrosive to your potable water distribution system, and some of the natural minerals are restored, improving the taste of the water. Backwashing is not required and media replacement should not be required more often than approximately once per year.


Instrumentation Options

Hand held "Ultrameter", a useful tool for operation and troubleshooting. Measures Conductivity, Resistivity, ORP, pH, and Temperature of samples collected from system sample points.
Differential pressure switch across cartridge filters with alarm.
Run time hour meter.

Potable Water Disinfecting

Ultraviolet Sterilizer for point of use disinfecting.
Chemical feed system for injection of chlorine or other residual disinfectant.
Potable water storage tank with level controls and distribution pump.
Activated carbon filter to improve taste of potable water and/or remove chlorine

Stainless Steel Feed Pump

Duplex Stainless steel construction is offered as standard equipment for feed pumps for all SeaLion Series SeaSpring TM desalination systems.


Stainless Steel frame

Optional frame construction of polished stainless steel is available. Specify "SS" after model number.


Anti-scale Chemical

Injection of an anti-scale chemical is a simple and inexpensive way to preserve membrane life and reduce cleaning requirements.

The SeaSpring TM desalination system is available with a compact, accurate chemical injection system complete with feed pump, and 15 gallon tank. The feed system interfaces neatly with the SeaLion Series units.

The feed system may also be used for injection of:

Sodium Hydroxide
Mineral (for taste)

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