These are some of our favorite Internet links.

Hope you find them interesting

Business and Reference:  NOAA seawater data site (Ocean temp, salinity, etc. oceans of the world) A primer "seawater desalination" by Virginia Tech (well done piece on desalination.  R.O. as well as Evaporation) Thomas Register Hydranautics Home page (Membrane manufacturer) Codeline (Membrane housings) Spaulding Composites (Membrane housings) Victualic fittings Sybron Chemicals (Ion Exchange Resins) ASTM home page ASTM Seawater Substitute analysis (Download site) ISA home page ASME home page International Desalination Association


Sports and Fun: Solunar Times Fishing and boating A yachting information site. Movie schedules and previews Harley Davidson More free stuff then you can imagine.  Great site.

Miscellaneous: Americas book store Texas A&M University Houston Public Library Interactive Maps to and from anywhere Reference library (Lot of cool stuff) Kelley Blue book (Automobile prices, new / used) Texas Lottery Info Texas State Comptroller Scotland Info site Irish Times web site