SS_logo.gif (3163 bytes) SeaSpring
Desalination Systems
Model AA2
Installed in Bertram
Copy of boat stern.bmp (291654 bytes) 43’ BERTRAM Sport Fisherman

The owner of this 43’ Bertram installed a SeaSpring Water maker as part of major upgrade.

He chose a SeaOtter Model AA2 (400 GPD unit) with all stainless steel membrane housings and automatic controls. The unit was purchased in components (without standard package housing) to save space and allow operation from the galley.

Installation of the SeaOtter allowed the owner to convert his  water tank to a fuel tank, increasing his range by over 35%. A smaller water tank was installed in the bow.

This SeaOtter was installed by the SeaSpring TM
Factory Specialists at Reetex, Inc. Houston Texas

Contact Reetex for list of competent installers near you.

Along with installation of the SeaOtter, this upgrade also included a new teak deck, sound system, AC units, new gel coat on all exterior surfaces, and modifications to the bow state room.

Upgrade was done by:      Western Gulf Yacht Sales    Port Aransas, Texas
Contact:   Kurt Tompkins   512 215 0116

Copy of galley.bmp (269126 bytes) The SeaOtter can be controlled, and monitored easily from the remote mounted control console in the Bertram Galley.

Select manual or automatic operation.
Start - Stop.
Monitor pressures and flow rate.
Regulate flow rate.

The control console mounts very nicely in the galley of the Bertram without using any counter or cabinet space.

The SeaOtter feed pump and cartridge filters are installed right near the main equipment room entrance hatch.

Feed pump is located in the unused space right below the DC rectifier, easily accessible for changing oil (the only routine maintenance Required).

Cartridge filters are mounted on the bulkhead in this same area. Readily accessible for changing filter elements.

Valves required for pickling membranes are also located in this area, making it a simple 15 minute task.

Copy of filter-pump.bmp (163574 bytes)
Copy of membranes.bmp (148454 bytes) All stainless steel membrane housings mount as an assembly on the bulkhead near the engine room.

Plenty of room left to add an air conditioner or other equipment.

Membrane housings are still accessible although no routine maintenance is required.

The SeaOtter Model AA2 with primary components only.

Control Console for Manual or automatic operation from remote location.
Cat plunger type feed pump with NAB pump head and close coupled 1.5 HP motor
Cartridge filter assembly
Membrane housing assembly

(Comes with complete instructions for installation, tagged connection points,  and  operating instructions on waterproof quick reference cards)

Copy of AA2-01.bmp (507734 bytes)