Services Available from Reetex

SS_logo.gif (3163 bytes) SeaSpring

SS_logo.gif (3163 bytes) Installation:
Factory trained specialists are available to install your  SeaSpring TM Desalination System in your boat, home, or business.  In addition to factory installation, many distributors and boat upgrade specialists are available to install the equipment.  Contact us to locate a competent installer near you.  (Click here to see a typical SeaSpring TM Installation)

SS_logo.gif (3163 bytes) Maintenance:
Reetex maintains a complete inventory of spare parts and chemicals required for proper maintenance of your  SeaSpring TM Desalination System.   Maintenance training course material is available for you or your crew.   Training class can be conducted by our service technicians.

SS_logo.gif (3163 bytes) Leasing:
Lease and lease -purchase options are available for all models of  SeaSpring TM Desalination Systems.  Contact us about how you can begin using a desalination system today without major capital expense

Industrial and Commercial Systems:
In addition to the services provided for our SeaSpring TM Desalination Systems, Reetex also offers the same quality service to industrial clients as well.

System Improvement
Reetex can evaluate your current water treatment system, retrain operating personnel, recommend improvements necessary to make your system operate more efficiently.
Membrane cleaning
Reetex offers on-site and off-site cleaning of your reverse osmosis membranes.   Our technicians can evaluate your cleaning requirements and recommend the most appropriate cleaning procedures for your membranes.  Using mobile cleaning systems or off-site cleaning facilities, we can clean membranes in most cases without disruption of production.

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